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Focus On Innovation

Ever since the start of Ready Set Make, we’ve always focused a portion of our time, energy and resources towards innovation. Research and development is part of our DNA. When it comes to innovation, one of our primary goals is to develop locally produced goods and Made-in-Canada solutions. Products made here, in our own community. Not overseas or somewhere else. To bring small scale manufacturing back to our home towns. RSM believes the best way to help our communities is through innovation. A grassroots approach to help launch new local start-ups and create employment opportunities for our fellow Canadians. That is why we innovate. Not only does Ready Set Make develop its own concepts, but countless people have trusted us to solve unique problems and help them with their ideas. Please take a moment to browse our non-exhaustive list of products and/or projects. We know how busy you are. We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Our Projects (non-exhaustive)

  • Ready Set Make (Own) Product Developments
    • Telecommunications – Remote Battery Monitoring Solution
    • Telecommunications – Control Cabinet Cooling Solution
    • Consumer Goods – 3D Filament Storage Solution
    • Nuclear Industry – Radiation Monitoring – Radiation Waste Sampling Kit
    • Nuclear Industry – Radiation Monitoring – Disposable Sleeves for Radiation Monitoring Instruments
    • Consumer Goods – Maker Community – Electronic Sensor Boards
  • Consumer Product Development Support
    • Consumer Sporting Goods – Competitive Sport Shooting – Pistol Grip
    • Consumer Sporting Goods – Hockey Equipment – Carbon Fiber Goalie Glove Insert 
    • Education – Mathematics Learning Aid
  • Industrial/Commercial
    • Nuclear Industry – Degradation Monitoring – Cable Monitoring Equipment Upgrades
    • Construction – Drop Ceiling Custom Anchors & Installation Tool
    • Leisure – Bowling Equipment – Replacement Levers for Automatic Pin Setting and Ball Return
    • Wine Making – Bottle Washing Station – Wash Cup 
    • Nuclear Industry – Waste Processing – Bitumen Motor Shaft Collar
    • Nuclear Industry – Waste Processing – Bitumen Level Probe
    • Nuclear Industry – Waste Processing – Custom Disposable Funnels


If you find this inspiring, give us a call. We are always open to new ideas, challenges or partnerships.