Established in January 2017, Ready Set Make is a new business serving Deep River, Ontario and surrounding areas.  Ready Set Make is focused on community development by empowering people with easy access to tools, supplies and know-how.  Ready Set Make fosters a strong sense of social responsibility as can be construed from its list of values below:

  • Provide safe and affordable access to state-of-the-art technologies
  • Facilitate innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing
  • Help bridge the skills gap by inspiring, informing, and teaching
  • Invest in people and communities (Pay-It-Forward)
  • Advocate and facilitate “Buy Local” initiatives
  • A grass-roots approach to create new local start-up opportunities

My Vision for Ready Set Make
Ready Set Make’s initial objective is to develop a strong community of creative individuals.  By using our services, you are contributing to the growth and strength of this socially driven enterprise.  With enough support, makerspace type tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, desktop CNC, and more will be made available to the public.  If you are curious about what a makerspace is, follow my blog titled: “Deep River Maker” for a series of posts explaining that very topic. I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you’ve been working on!