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Our services

Ready Set Make provides a variety of quality made-to-order electro-mechanical, box build and custom cable assembly services. We also offer inventor support, for companies or individuals, in your quest to develop the next big thing.


Prototypes are a great way to evaluate an idea prior to investing large amounts of capital into an unproven concept. There is great satisfaction in seeing a concept or design turned into a physical object. Ready Set Make has the technical expertise and know-how to put that physical object 'in your hands'. This allows you to make more accurate and informed business decisions about your new ideas.


Quality fabrication is critical to a reliable and successful product. It requires foresite, a broad knowledge base, a high degree of technical skill and quality tools & equipment. At Ready Set Make, we make it our mission to spot and eliminate problems at every step along the way. The customer is always kept informed, and given a chance to address any findings. No corners are cut and nothing is left to chance.


Not unlike the fabrication step, the assembly step is just as critical to the success of your product, if not more so. Proper layout and mounting of components, wire routing, EMI & RFI shielding, soldering, crimping, the list goes on. At Ready Set Make, we apply first-rate craftsmanship to everything we do. Whether you have a simple or complex assembly project, you can rest assured that it will be done right.

Custom Cabling

Need a quick cable for your research project? Perhaps a more complex made-to-spec cable, wiring harness or cable assembly? At Ready Set Make, we have the ability to manufacture a wide variety of custom cable assemblies, ribbon cables, robotic, or flexible harness for your specific application or project. Whether you require one or one hundred contacts, we always use quality components, wire and cable from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.


Whether you supply all of the materials needed for the fabrication and assembly of your product, or you need Ready Set Make to procure the materials on your behalf, we've got you covered. We've developed and fostered relashionships with many of the top electro-mechanical component and automation & control equipment suppliers over the years. This translates into savings to your bottom line as we've become very efficient at sourcing even the most elusive project components.

Inventor Support

At Ready Set Make, we are passionate about innovation. We truly believe that anyone can have a good idea. We’ve been there. We know it’s exciting. When you engage Ready Set Make for support, we listen. We listen very carefully. Based on what you share, we can recommend a logical next step. Sometimes all someone needs is a little nudge in the right direction.

Want to find out more?

Value Added Services

Ready Set Make offers a host of value added services for your electro-mechanical and box build needs. Software image installations, firmware flashing, programmable logic controller(PLC) and HMI software downloads, communication and networking device configuration, Electrical Safety Authority(ESA) certifications, 3D design & printing, circuit board design/production/assembly, graphic design and documentation. These are just a few examples of how we can add value to your specific projects.

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